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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 23, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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it is, for all intents and purposes, a prison. they're cages. >> right now at 5:00. bay area congresswoman describing what she sees after touring a detention facility in texas. illegal immigration still touching a nerve across the country. plus a colorful party by the bay. one of the biggest weekend events of the year kicks off in san francisco. the call to action at pride. but first, dangerous weather in the bay area. grass fires break out as temperatures soar. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'mers a scorcher. temperatures reaching triple digits in some of the hottest
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inland areas. >> let's take a look over dublin. the heat creating fire dangers. fire crews taking extra precautions, especially in the north bay fire zone. we have team coverage for you. >> reporter: you saw those grass fires. that fire warning will remain in place through tomorrow. right now it's 5:00 but san jose right now in the south bay, 95 degrees. still even at this hour. and i want to show you the tri-valley because wire still in that dangerous heat mark with 100 degrees in the tri-valley. 80 degrees for the peninsula. even in san francisco, a very warm 79. the north bay at about 99 degrees right now. the east 7 degrees. believe it or not, that onshore flow is already working hard, but io want to show you some of the hotter spots for today. concord -- now, these are unofficial highs, which means these haven't been marked as completely high. however, this is what we've seen so far in concord. 102 degrees. danville, 102. these are unofficial highs in the past 24 hours. i'll bring you an update as far
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as what you can expect heading into sunday. i did mention we've got a nice sea breeze already working hard to cool us off. our temperature trend into the evening, overnight, 70s. you're going to wake up on sunday morning with upper 60s and 70s. mild sunday in the bay area. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you. people told to shelter in place after a small grass fire in san francisco threatens homes. we just found out fireworks are to blame. cell phone video shows crews mopping up hot spots. it happened just after 11:00 this morning. the two-alarm grass fire broke out on bache street just off 280 near st. mary's park. the fire burned only about an one person suffered minor injuries. no homes or structures were burned. r that's a good reason fire coverage. got to be hot out there right now. >> reporter: it is. we're in the dublin hills where it has slimmed to a balmy 96 degrees. we've got a little bit of wind and all of this. this crunchy vegetation, just
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acres and acres of it. it's all potential fuel for a fast-moving fire. so out here in the wildlands, crews are looking out for trouble before it starts. alameda county fire crews roving hollis canyon, doing a bit of reconnaissance near a housing development, looking for any professional trouble spots should a fire break out and thinking ahead about a plan of attack. >> if the area is really narrow roads, maybe we won't put our bulldozers in there until we get all the people out. >> reporter: the dublin hills are full of bone dry vegetation. add temperatures in the triple digits and even just a bit of wind, conditions are more than ripe for a wildfire. santa rosa firefighters got this half-acre blaze under control quickly. it was in the same area as a fire last fall. investigators are looking into what sparked a series of fires overnight along highway 4 in contra costa county. all this comes as we have the
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first red flag warning since those devastating wildfires. cal fire is taking extra precautions. >> in addition to our normal fleet, our air fleet, we've brought on two additional helicopters and a fixed wing air tanker. >> reporter: firefighters are also depending on the public to do its part. >> if you're towing a boat to the lake or the delta, make sure that chain's up, not dragging on the road. if you're barbecuing, just think about where you're barbecuing. if you're doing an outdoor fire, i wouldn't recommend it. >> reporter: now, that's just good common sense there. they're asking us to exercise that. you heard cal fire talk about those three additional aircraft they brought in to fight fires this weekend. one of those, we're told, is being stationed in sonoma county. live in dublin, roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. check rising temperatures whenever and wherever you want to check them. download our free nbc bay area
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app. get information on what the weather is going to be like for your weekend plans. this country was founded on principles of yunity and love ad justice. >> coming together to keep families together. demonstrators gathered in san francisco's embarcadero plaza this morning for an immigration rally. it was organized by the san francisco human rights commission and denounced the separation of children from their families at the u.s.-mexico border. despite president trump's decision to end the policy separating families, hundreds of migrant children still haven't been reunited with their parents. this comes as today more than two dozen democratic members of lawmakers, toured the in mcallen, chris pollone has story. >> reporter: from california to new york, thousands of people marched saturday in favor of keeping migrant families together after they cross into the u.s. despite the president signing an
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executive order wednesday to end the separating of migrant children from their parents, several government agencies are still scrambling to come up with a plan to reunite about 2,000 children currently being held. >> we have yet to hear a defined plan of how to connect those young people to their parents and how many parents have been deported out of the country. >> reporter: two dozen democratic members of congress visited a texas immigrant processing center saturday. during the visit, protesters temporarily blocked a bus carrying detained immigrants. >> i saw in these cages was a sea of huni daughters. mothers holding their daughters who have fled horrible conditions in other countries. >> reporter: speaking to nevada republicans, the president defended his handling of the border crisis. >> our people are actually doing a very good job, handling a very difficult situation. but this is a problem that should have been solved years ago.
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>> reporter: congress will try to tackle the issue next week. but right now it appears republicans don't have the votes to pass an immigration bill. chris pollone, nbc news. congresswoman jackie speier representing san francisco was among the delegation in mcallen today. speier is a proponent of immigration reform. she's an outspoken supporter of daca and keeping the policy in place. she gave her thoughts on what she saw at the detention facility. >> here they actually have a mat on which to sleep. but it is, for all intents and purposes, a prison. they're s. of us will have a different perspective certainly, but this is not the way we treat people who are seeking asylum in this country. >> speier also said the trump administration's plan for authorities to seek up to an additional 15,000 beds to detain families who are stopped at the border is totally unacceptable
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and will continue scarring children for the rest of their lives. continuing coverage of the immigration crisis coming up on "nightly news." confusion growing as to how parents and their children will be reunited. "nightly news" begins right after our newscast. that's at 5:30. a lot of celebrating in san francisco right now. pride weekend is in full swing. it is billed as one of the biggest celebrations of the lgbtq community in the world. nbc bay area's anser hassan live near the park where the annual dyke march is going on. >> it's the official kick off to pride weekend, and it has oud. backgrounds, all ages, here in san francisco as they began the march which took off just a few minutes ago. this year's march is being dubbed a call to action. organizers tell me they're calling on all women to show up and take your space, that this is not just about a big party
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but also a political fight. many of the women told me being out here today, it's about standing up to societal norms forced on women. that it's about women's right to affordable health care and equal pay, the "me too" movement, and fears over lgbtq rights being curbed under the guise of religion of freedom. this march continues to be about the history, the struggle, and the achievement of the leesbysb community. >> it's really important for us to go out and make sure our voice is heard. >> look at this. this is beautiful where we can speak who we are and love each other and just accept each other. >> reporter: the pro session was led off by the dykes on bikes. they're going to lead off the ceremony tomorrow, the parade as well. the march will go on for a couple more hours. for more information about the march and other pride activities, you can check our website, nbc bay area reporting live in san francisco, anser hassan, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much.
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very visible part of pride weekend is of course the pink triangle on twin peaks. dozens of volunteers put the finishing touches on the installation this morning just in time for the big commemoration ceremony. triangle badges were a way to identify gay people sent to nazi concentration camps. organizers say it's important to remember the dark parts of history as well astrides taken. >> every year there is almost a different focus. this year we've said year after year, it's to remember the past so that we don't repeat it. i think that's more important pk triangle there on twin peaks tradition started 23 years ago. when it started, it was illegal. now it is embraced and celebrated. for continuing ripride in san francisco, head to our website, you'll find a map of tomorrow's parade route as well as a list of speakers and performers. a young girl's mission to sell bottled water in san francisco takes an unexpected
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turn. the video that's gone viral. plus not your average wake-up call. the crash that caused some chaos in a south bay neighborhood. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. water bottles.... has gone viral. it was all caught on camera. take a look. it happened in san francisco about 6:00 last night. a 8-year-old girl selling water
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bottles near at&t in front of her apartment building. a woman allegedly called police saying the girl did not have a permit to sell the bottles. some on social media are saying the woman's decision to call police could be racially motivated. the girl's mom said police never came out to the scene. there are some who say this is similar to the bbq becky controversy in oakland. she was upsit because they were in an area of the lake where barbecuing with coals was banned. it made national news, led to several protests at lake merritt. a san jose woman and her roommate are out of their home tonight after a driver plowed into their house. it 2:30 in the morning. cassandra chatman says she woke up to a bmw crashing through the wall right underneath her bedroom. a neighbor says that driver was going way too fast.
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>> the car was going about 70 to 80 miles an hour, jumped the cush ov curb over here, hit the black truck. >> i came outside and there was a vehicle smashed into the front of my house. >> close call there. the driver initially ran away, but was found by police and then arrested. there were four people inside that car, and at least two of them were taken to the hospital. but nobody was seriously hurt. the damage, as you just saw in that video, is extensive. the red cross is helping those folks find a place to stay while the safety of the house is assessed. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, a lot of happy soccer fans in the bay area this evening. >> that's right. word cup fever continues as a team that is a favorite among many in the bay area continues to shine. we'll take you to the big watch party. that was literally me. mexico! mexico! i felt all the vibes there.
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san jose, 95 degrees. wind speeds at about 14 miles per hour. which spots did see the triple digit heat? we'll talk about that red flag warning and when can we finally see a cool-down around the bay area? details coming up.
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. goal! >> that's right. >> let him go. he gets paid by the second. >> right?
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>> he's still going. mexico keeps going too. his 50th international goal. he's still going. >> still going. was that a minute in? >> scores the game winner. mexico beats south korea 2-1 this morning. this world cup really especially exciting for mexico fans. pride and passion on display today. thousands of mexico fans packed the stadium to watch. this crowd had plenty to cheer about with mexico off to a perfect 2-0 start. >> the game was a wonderful game. mexico can do it. mexico go to final match! >> c catch all copa mundial action on telemundo 48. >> i have to say there's just a mexico plays. >> well, you're preaching to the choir as vianey walks over here. >> she's ready to go. >> she was leading the cheers
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during weather. >> i can't hide my excitement. i put up a meme that says mexi-can. it was hot out there. >> we're all getting a nice bronzy tan. what about you, terry? >> where is this weather forecast going here? >> let's go with it. red flag warnitilln place. there's a lot of things we still need to look out for and that's because that fire danger is still very much in place. plenty of dry there. fjust t how hot today was, the fact that we're already in the 5:00 hour and we're still dealing with 100-degree temperatures in the tri-valley really gives you an idea of just how strong this ridge of high pressure is. 88 degrees right now on the peninsula. the south bay at 95 degrees. in san francisco, 79 degrees. so we're in the upper 70s.
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99 right now. heading out towards the north bay. and the east bay, a cooler 79 but still on the warm side. let's talk about that red flag warning because this is going to remain in effect not just through tonight but also through tomorrow. the reason for that is because of those dry northeasterly winds. you saw a couple of grass fires did break out throughout the day. you've got to be careful because those hills will remain under a large threat due to thatty. low that heat advisy 8:00 p.m. but i do want to give you an idea of your 24-hour max temps. these are unofficial so far, but some of the hottest spots that we've seen, concord, 102. livermore, 100. san jose, 99. novato, 99. at the san francisco international airport, 86. let's talk about your temperature trend because your overnight lows, look at this. midnight we'll still be at about 70 degrees. if you have late-night plans tonight and heading out towards concord, also being in those
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upper 70s. a quick reminder, today is the last day of the spare the air alerts. unhealthy air quality remains for the north bay and also for the south bay. come tomorrow thanks to that nice sea breeze, we will cool down by about 10 to 15 degrees in some areas. in the tri-valley, we'll go from triple digits to some 80s. you'll notice a drop in temperatures tomorrow. it will still be hot, though. >> are you done with the soccer? >> don't get her started. >> i'm done. i'm done. >> don't hate, terry. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, it may seem like rusty old wood to some.
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this week, construction crews began removing an old pier in half moon bay. >> the harbor district says the pier is falling apart, but as nbc bay area's joe row saw tow jr. shows us, its removal is causing emotions ing a pulling. at half moon bay's pillar point harbor, the old rickety pier stands as a monument to the area's one thriving commercial fishing industry. >> you could just imagine the stories of how many different types of fish rode off of that rickety pier. >> reporter: the pier ago. has birthplace of star-kist tuna.
5:25 pm
>> in the early 40s, it became the green pier because of the color it was painted. >> reporter: the pier is green no more. it hasn't unloaded a single fish for 18 years. it sits at the mercy of a potent demolition team of salt air and time. >> the last two years, the storms we've had, pieces fall into the water which become a navigational hazard for our boaters. >> reporter: the pillar point harbor district had once hoped to save the dilapidated pier, but instead this week it began a down. >> environmental concerns made that fairly difficult f a long closed wooden pier crumbling into the harbor, there are waves of emotion now that its end is near. >> if you grew up in this area, you remember all this. i'm really sorry to see it go. >> reporter: though the pier no longer does the work for which it was intended, many here like marilyn believe it still has purpose. >> i think they appreciated the
5:26 pm
photographs that everybody has taken of it, they would see it in a different light. >> same as painting spot, photograph spot. >> it's just a shame that it wasn't maintained, that it wasn't turned into some kind of an office or marine science laboratory. >> reporter: with heavy machinery poised to do its thing, resignation. >> a piece of our history. on the other hand, once it's gone, it will be safer and a cleaner environment. >> the charm is its history, and we don't have a lot of history that we can see right in front of us. this is one where you could come down, you could paddle around. you do see it in three dimensions. you could touch it. >> reporter: in just a few weeks there will be nothing left to touch or see. the pier will live on only in photos and stories. >> we have had it for a l live memories forever. >> nbc bay area news. >> we'll be right back. hi!
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a rocky start for pro groveler rory mcilroy after being interrupted by a wild member of the gallery. he's about to gbegin the third round when a squirrel runs across the tee box. the squirrel continued to linger for several seconds, crisscrossing from one side to the other. mcilroy was eventually able to hit his shot, but he bogeyed the hole. >> there you go. okay? >> the squirrel cursed him. vianey, crazy weekend. >> those red flag warnings continue through tomorrow, at least some good news in sight and it comes from the form of a cooldegrees. not bad. not bad. >> we'll be back at 6:00. >> see you then. tonight thousands of people protest the treatment of my
5:30 pm
grant families as confusion grows over how parents and children will be reunited. the uproar after the white house press secretary is asked to leave a restaurant in a small virginia town that voted overwhelmingly against president trump. crimes committed long ago now being solved using the same technology that lets us find our distant relatives. >> drug testing for pot while more companies are deciding why it is no longer necessary he wal ♪ >> tonight remembering vinnie paul of pantera.


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